Understanding the International Journal of Modern Medicine (IJMM)

The International Journal of Modern Medicine (IJMM) is a reputable scholarly journal dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research in various fields of medicine. Known for its rigorous peer-review process and commitment to publishing high-quality research, IJMM attracts submissions from researchers worldwide.

Article Processing Fees for IJMM

As of the latest available information, the Article Processing Fees for the International Journal of Modern Medicine are as follows:

  1. Regular Article: For regular research articles, the APF is typically in the range of 120 USD. This fee structure applies to manuscripts that undergo the standard peer-review process and meet the journal's publication criteria.

  2. Review Article: Review articles, which provide comprehensive analyses of existing literature on a specific topic, may incur a slightly different APF. The fee for review articles in IJMM is usually 100 USD.

  3. Short Communication: Short communications, which present concise research findings or preliminary studies, often have a lower APF compared to regular articles. The APF for short communications in IJMM is typically 100 USD.

  4. Waivers and Discounts: In some cases, authors from low-income countries or those facing financial constraints may be eligible for waivers or discounts on the Article Processing Fees. These decisions are typically made on a case-by-case basis, and authors are encouraged to inquire about eligibility criteria directly with the journal's editorial office.